Our Approach

This web site is the host and companion to the CineSoul Podcast. CineSoul uses cinema to explore what matters to us most, through conversations about the effects a film’s subject, theme and aesthetics have on our lives. This is not a discussion primarily focused on cinema as an art form, but rather on how any particular film touches us and why. Our aim is to have the film catalyze a deeper conversation.

Our Story

CineSoul started as a once a month, face-to-face discussion group in 2009, and ran for about five years. In that span we discussed 55 films, beginning with our first three: Things We Lost in the Fire, Lars and the Real Girl, Rachel Getting Married.

Now we’ve evolved into a podcast mostly with individual guests, but just as deep and meaningful. We hope you like the podcast and this companion site!

The first six episodes of the CineSoul Podcast were originally published on The Overthink Podcast Network. Now all episodes can be accessed via this website.


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